Memcached Desktop GUI
$19.99,free evaluation
Intuitive user interface
The intuitive and well-designed graphical user interface makes it easy for you to handle database management and development.
Simple data manipulation
Quickly search, edit, delete, and create keys; supports a variety of data types, including: JSON, XML, HEX, MsgPack, YAML, integers, floating point numbers, compression types, etc.
Server Metrics
View various indicator information of the server.
Memory information
Item storage information for each memory block category.
Active connections
View information about currently active connections and sockets listening for new connections
Use the console to quickly execute various memcached commands.

Main Functions

Indicator monitoring

Use Memcached Assistant to view various common health indicators in real time, including hit rate, connection statistics, memory statistics, storage statistics, expiration statistics, etc.

Windows Native

Windows native applications start quickly and occupy less memory during operation, providing users with a lighter and more efficient experience.

Rich data formats

Automatically recognize and format different data formats, including Text, JSON, XML, YAML, HEX, MessagePack, integers, floating point numbers, compressed data, etc.


Supports SSH tunneling for easy and secure access to any Memcached server.

Search key

Browse all keys on the current server and perform quick searches for keys; supports multiple key view models.

keys Management

Supports manual addition, update and deletion of cache items; provides detailed information of cache items, such as expiration time, size, etc.

  • Provides an intuitive graphical user interface, greatly improving the efficiency of users operating the database.
  • Add, delete and edit Memcached server connections.
  • Supports the management of multiple Memcached servers.
  • View model that supports multiple keys.
  • Supports up to 18 data formats.
  • View and search items in the cache.
  • Supports manual addition, update and deletion of cache items.
  • Provides cache item details such as expiration time, size, etc.
  • View server statistics in real time.

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