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More than 40 commonly used development tools; native applications, well-designed, fast and efficient; offline use, respect your privacy

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Native application, fast startup, less memory usage

Built on top of Avalonia, it offers near-native performance and consumes far fewer resources than equivalent applications developed using web technologies like Electron. Supports macOS frosted glass effect, Windows acrylic and mica materials, bringing you a rich visual experience

Text Difference Comparison

Enter the texts to be compared separately, and the software can quickly help you find the differences between the texts and highlight them

Code formatting

Code formatting tool, supports Java, C#, C, C++, JavaScript, JSON, Objective-C, Proto, etc.; supports Google, LLVM, GNU, Microsoft and other styles of code

Record GIF

Quickly capture a specified window, a custom rectangular area, or a specified screen in a multiscreen environment and save it directly as a .GIF file.

Generate UUID、ULID、Nano ID

Redisant Toolbox can help you quickly generate UUID, ULID, Nano ID, and supports reverse parsing UUID

Verify or generate a JWT token

With Redisant Toolbox, you can quickly verify whether a JWT token has been tampered with; or generate a new JWT token

Quickly generate random data

Through the data template provided by Redisant Toolbox, you can quickly generate various types of random data and support JavaScript scripts

Offline OCR

Redisant Toolbox provides offline OCR function, even if you are not connected to the Internet, you can quickly convert images to text

Cron Job Expression

Edit your cron job expressions quickly and intuitively with real-time feedback on results

More features

Backslash Escape/Unescape

Escape or unescape JSON string or characters like \t,\n,\s, etc

Base64 Image Encode/Decode

Decode or encode an image using Base64

Base64 String Encode/Decode

Decode or encode a string using base64

Base64 URL Encode/Decode

Decode or encode an url using Base64

Color Converter

Pick and convert colors (hex, rgb, hsv, cymk, etc)

Cron Job Parser

Parse and explain cronjob (crontab) expressions


Convert a CSV string to JSON

Hash Generator

Generate MD5/SHA1/SHA2 hash from a string or file

HTML Entity Encode/Decode

Decode or encode HTML entities in a string

Json Formatter/Validate

Format, beautify, or minify JSON string


Convert a JSON string to CSV


Convert a JSON string to YAML

JWT Debugger

Decode or sign JWT tokens

Language Beautify

Beautify, format source code in various languages

Number Base Converter

Convert between binary, octal, decimal, hex, and other number bases

QR Code Reader/Generator

Read QR codes and generate QR codes

Random Data Generator

Generate random paragraphs, words, emails, names, etc

RegExp Tester

Test a string against a regular expression and find matches

String Case Converter

Convert camelCase, PascalCase, snake_case, kabab-case, etc

String Inspector

Inspect ASCII/Unicode code, string length, character count, word count, line count

Text Diff Checker

Compare two text strings by characters, words, or lines

Unix Time Converter

Convert UNIX date time to human-readable formats

URL Encode/Decode

Decode or encode a URL (RFC3986 ir form data)

URL Parser

Query String to JSON, parse URL protocol, host, port, etc

UUID/GUID Generate/Decode

Generate UUID, ULID, Nano ID


Convert a YAML string to JSON

Offline OCR

Convert image to text

Icon Font Previewer

Preview Vector Icon

YAML To Properties

Convert a YAML string to Properties

JSON To Properties

Convert JSON string to Properties


Convert JSON string to XML

Json To Table

Convert a JSON array to a table for viewing

Json To CLass

Convert JSON to Class

Switch Host

Quickly set the mapping relationship between the host name and the IP address

SQL Formatter

Quickly format various types of SQL languages

Figlet Font

Generate ASCII artistic characters

Gif Capture

Record animated GIFs

Longitude/Latitude Distance

Longitude/Latitude Distance Calculator

Password Generator

Random password generator

More features

Coming soon

Meet the Redisant Family

Redis Assistant
Redis Assistant FIND OUT MORE
For strings, lists, hashes, sets, sorted sets, streams. Fast, efficient, and takes up very little resources
NoSql Assistant
NoSql Assistant FIND OUT MORE
Connect to multiple NoSql databases simultaneously from a single application to quickly and easily create, manage and maintain databases.
Garnet Assistant
Garnet Assistant FIND OUT MORE
Supporting up to 18 data formats, unleashing the power of caching, making your data management effortlessly intuitive.
ZooKeeper Assistant
ZooKeeper Assistant FIND OUT MORE
Display nodes in a tree structure, monitor server status, and multiple data formats: JSON, XML, HEX, MessagePack.
Kafka Assistant
Kafka Assistant FIND OUT MORE
Manage Broker, Topic, Group, monitor server status, and support multiple message formats.
RocketMQ Assistant
RocketMQ Assistant FIND OUT MORE
In-depth understanding of your queues, subscription and consumption messages, display message traces and stress tests.
RabbitMQ Assistant
RabbitMQ Assistant FIND OUT MORE
In-depth understanding of your queues, subscriptions and consumption messages, showing a complete message flow graph and stress testing.
Pulsar Assistant
Pulsar Assistant FIND OUT MORE
Manage your tenants, namespaces, topics, subscribe and consume messages, simulate messages and stress test.
Etcd Assistant
Etcd Assistant FIND OUT MORE
Operate your etcd cluster conveniently and efficiently; support views for multiple keys; manage leases, users, roles, and permissions.
HBase Assistant
HBase Assistant FIND OUT MORE
HBase Assistant - an intuitive and well-designed graphical user interface that makes database management and development easy for you.
MQTT Assistant
Structured themes and dynamic preview, supports various message types, automatically parses message fields and draws them into line charts, making data changes clear at a glance.
Modbus Slave Emulator
Modbus Slave Emulator FIND OUT MORE
Simulate multiple slave station devices at the same time, support multiple communication protocols, and quickly build your test platform.
Modbus Master Emulator
Modbus Master Emulator FIND OUT MORE
Modbus Master Emulator - create multiple connections at the same time, monitor multiple Modbus slave registers, and quickly debug your slave devices.
IEC104 Client Simulator
IEC104 Client Simulator FIND OUT MORE
IEC104 Client Simulator——Fully supports IEC104 protocol, creates multiple connections at the same time, monitors multiple slave stations.
IEC104 Server Simulator
IEC104 Server Simulator FIND OUT MORE
IEC104 Server Simulator——Fully supports the IEC104 protocol, creates multiple connections at the same time, simulates multiple slave stations, and quickly builds your test platform.
IEC61850 Client Simulator
IEC61850 Client Simulator FIND OUT MORE
IEC61850 Client Simulator - ideal tool for operating IEC 61850 devices, performs a variety of useful functions, supports IEC 61850 Edition 1 and 2.
Redisant Toolbox
Redisant Toolbox FIND OUT MORE
More than 40 commonly used development tools; native applications, well-designed, fast and efficient; offline use, respect your privacy.
Data Assistant
Data Assistant FIND OUT MORE
Generate large, heterogeneous, real-world data for any development, testing or demonstration purposes.
TinyGUI allows you to easily optimize JPG, WebP and PNG images using's API service. And TinyGUI is completely free and open source.
Gif Capture
Quickly capture areas of your desktop and save them directly as .GIF files with Gif Capture completely free and open source.