Create Test Dataset
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Quickly create data structures
Data Assistant provides over 100 data types to generate large, heterogeneous, real-world data for any development, testing or demonstration purpose.
Quickly generate test data
Create small or large data sets for rapid prototyping or stress testing of tables, structures, and scripts; can export to JSON, SQL, CSV, and more
Create a RESTful Service
Built-in web server supports exposure of RESTful API. Even if the back-end interface is not completed, the front-end can be quickly tested

Main Functions

Windows Native

Data Assistant uses Windows Native technology, which ensures that the software has a small installation size and high response speed

Quickly Generate

Create small or large data sets for rapid prototyping or stress testing of tables, structures and scripts

real data

Generate large, heterogeneous, real-world data for any development, testing or demonstration purposes instead of creating repetitive impractical text fields just by copying and pasting

Document Based

The data structures you create are preserved intact and different datasets can be created for different purposes

Export Data

Can export JSON, SQL, CSV, HTML, XML, and convert data structures into Java, C#, TypeScript, and JSONSchema codes

Field Fine-tuning

You can use optional prefixes and suffixes for any field; fill the field with random data, specify the length or length range; specify the range for numeric fields; use format strings for date ranges to determine the output content

  • Support rich data types
    • Address
      • ZipCode - Get a zipcode.
      • City - Get a city name.
      • StreetAddress - Get a street address.
      • CityPrefix - Get a city prefix.
      • CitySuffix - Get a city suffix.
      • StreetName - Get a street name.
      • BuildingNumber - Get a building number.
      • StreetSuffix - Get a street suffix.
      • SecondaryAddress - Get a secondary address like 'Apt. 2' or 'Suite 321'.
      • County - Get a county.
      • Country - Get a country.
      • FullAddress - Get a full address like Street, City, Country.
      • CountryCode - Get a random ISO 3166-1 country code.
      • State - Get a random state state.
      • StateAbbr - Get a state abbreviation.
      • Latitude - Get a Latitude.
      • Longitude - Get a Longitude.
      • Direction - Generates a cardinal or ordinal direction. IE: Northwest, South, SW, E.
      • CardinalDirection - Generates a cardinal direction. IE: North, South, E, W.
      • OrdinalDirection - Generates an ordinal direction. IE: Northwest, Southeast, SW, NE.
    • Commerce
      • Department - Get a random commerce department.
      • Price - Get a random product price.
      • Categories - Get random product categories.
      • ProductName - Get a random product name.
      • Color - Get a random color.
      • Product - Get a random product.
      • ProductAdjective - Random product adjective.
      • ProductMaterial - Random product material.
      • Ean8 - Get a random EAN-8 barcode number.
      • Ean13 - Get a random EAN-13 barcode number.
    • Company
      • CompanySuffix - Get a company suffix. "Inc" and "LLC" etc.
      • CompanyName - Get a company name.
      • CatchPhrase - Get a company catch phrase.
      • Bs - Get a company BS phrase.
    • Database
      • Column - Generates a column name.
      • Type - Generates a column type.
      • Collation - Generates a collation.
      • Engine - Generates a storage engine.
    • Date
      • Past - Get a DateTime in the past between refDate and yearsToGoBack.
      • PastOffset - Get a DateTimeOffset in the past between refDate and yearsToGoBack.
      • Soon - Get a DateTime that will happen soon.
      • SoonOffset - Get a DateTimeOffset that will happen soon.
      • Future - Get a DateTime in the future between refDate and yearsToGoForward.
      • FutureOffset - Get a DateTimeOffset in the future between refDate and yearsToGoForward.
      • Between - Get a random DateTime between start and end.
      • BetweenOffset - Get a random DateTimeOffset between start and end.
      • Recent - Get a random DateTime within the last few days.
      • RecentOffset - Get a random DateTimeOffset within the last few days.
      • Timespan - Get a random TimeSpan.
      • Month - Get a random month.
      • Weekday - Get a random weekday.
    • Finance
      • Account - Get an account number. Default length is 8 digits.
      • AccountName - Get an account name. Like "savings", "checking", "Home Loan" etc..
      • Amount - Get a random amount. Default 0 - 1000.
      • TransactionType - Get a transaction type: "deposit", "withdrawal", "payment", or "invoice".
      • Currency - Get a random currency.
      • CreditCardNumber - Generate a random credit card number with valid Luhn checksum.
      • CreditCardCvv - Generate a credit card CVV.
      • BitcoinAddress - Generates a random Bitcoin address.
      • EthereumAddress - Generate a random Ethereum address.
      • RoutingNumber - Generates an ABA routing number with valid check digit.
      • Bic - Generates Bank Identifier Code (BIC) code.
      • Iban - Generates an International Bank Account Number (IBAN).
    • Hacker
      • Abbreviation - Returns an abbreviation.
      • Adjective - Returns a adjective.
      • Noun - Returns a noun.
      • Verb - Returns a verb.
      • IngVerb - Returns a verb ending with -ing.
      • Phrase - Returns a phrase.
    • Images
      • DataUri - Get a SVG data URI image with a specific width and height.
      • PicsumUrl - Get an image from the service.
      • PlaceholderUrl - Get an image from service.
      • LoremFlickrUrl - Get an image from service.
      • LoremPixelUrl - Creates an image URL with Note: This service is slow. Consider using PicsumUrl() as a faster alternative.
    • Internet
      • Avatar - Generates a legit Internet URL avatar from twitter accounts.
      • Email - Generates an email address.
      • ExampleEmail - Generates an example email with
      • UserName - Generates user names.
      • UserNameUnicode - Generates a user name preserving Unicode characters.
      • DomainName - Generates a random domain name.
      • DomainWord - Generates a domain word used for domain names.
      • DomainSuffix - Generates a domain name suffix like .com, .net, .org
      • Ip - Gets a random IPv4 address string.
      • Port - Generates a random port number.
      • IpAddress - Gets a random IPv4 IPAddress type.
      • IpEndPoint - Gets a random IPv4 IPEndPoint.
      • Ipv6 - Generates a random IPv6 address string.
      • Ipv6Address - Generate a random IPv6 IPAddress type.
      • Ipv6EndPoint - Gets a random IPv6 IPEndPoint.
      • UserAgent - Generates a random user agent.
      • Mac - Gets a random mac address.
      • Password - Generates a random password.
      • Color - Gets a random aesthetically pleasing color near the base RGB. See here.
      • Protocol - Returns a random protocol. HTTP or HTTPS.
      • Url - Generates a random URL.
      • UrlWithPath - Get an absolute URL with random path.
      • UrlRootedPath - Get a rooted URL path like: /foo/bar. Optionally with file extension.
    • Lorem
      • Word - Get a random lorem word.
      • Words - Get an array of random lorem words.
      • Letter - Get a character letter.
      • Sentence - Get a random sentence of specific number of words.
      • Sentences - Get some sentences.
      • Paragraph - Get a paragraph.
      • Paragraphs - Get a specified number of paragraphs.
      • Text - Get random text on a random lorem methods.
      • Lines - Get lines of lorem.
      • Slug - Slugify lorem words.
    • Name
      • FirstName - Get a first name. Getting a gender specific name is only supported on locales that support it.
      • LastName - Get a last name. Getting a gender specific name is only supported on locales that support it.
      • FullName - Get a full name, concatenation of calling FirstName and LastName.
      • Prefix - Gets a random prefix for a name.
      • Suffix - Gets a random suffix for a name.
      • FindName - Gets a full name.
      • JobTitle - Gets a random job title.
      • JobDescriptor - Get a job description.
      • JobArea - Get a job area expertise.
      • JobType - Get a type of job.
    • Phone
      • PhoneNumber - Get a phone number.
      • PhoneNumberFormat - Gets a phone number based on the locale's phone_number.formats[] array index.
    • Rant
      • Review - Generates a random user review.
      • Reviews - Generate an array of random reviews.
    • System
      • FileName - Get a random file name.
      • DirectoryPath - Get a random directory path (Unix).
      • FilePath - Get a random file path (Unix).
      • CommonFileName - Generates a random file name with a common file extension.
      • MimeType - Get a random mime type.
      • CommonFileType - Returns a commonly used file type.
      • CommonFileExt - Returns a commonly used file extension.
      • FileType - Returns any file type available as mime-type.
      • FileExt - Gets a random extension for the given mime type.
      • Semver - Get a random semver version string.
      • Version - Get a random Version.
      • Exception - Get a random Exception with a fake stack trace.
      • AndroidId - Get a random GCM registration ID.
      • ApplePushToken - Get a random Apple Push Token.
      • BlackBerryPin - Get a random BlackBerry Device PIN.
    • Vehicle
      • Vin - Generate a vehicle identification number (VIN).
      • Manufacturer - Get a vehicle manufacture name. IE: Toyota, Ford, Porsche.
      • Model - Get a vehicle model. IE: Camry, Civic, Accord.
      • Type - Get a vehicle type. IE: Minivan, SUV, Sedan.
      • Fuel - Get a vehicle fuel type. IE: Electric, Gasoline, Diesel.
    • Random
      • Number - Get an int from 0 to max.
      • Digits - Get a random sequence of digits.
      • Even - Returns a random even number.
      • Odd - Returns a random odd number.
      • Double - Get a random double, between 0.0 and 1.0.
      • Decimal - Get a random decimal, between 0.0 and 1.0.
      • Float - Get a random float, between 0.0 and 1.0.
      • Byte - Generate a random byte between 0 and 255.
      • Bytes - Get a random sequence of bytes.
      • SByte - Generate a random sbyte between -128 and 127.
      • Int - Generate a random int between MinValue and MaxValue.
      • UInt - Generate a random uint between MinValue and MaxValue.
      • ULong - Generate a random ulong between -128 and 127.
      • Long - Generate a random long between MinValue and MaxValue.
      • Short - Generate a random short between MinValue and MaxValue.
      • UShort - Generate a random ushort between MinValue and MaxValue.
      • Char - Generate a random char between MinValue and MaxValue.
      • Chars - Generate a random chars between MinValue and MaxValue.
      • String - Get a string of characters of a specific length.
      • String2 - Get a string of characters with a specific length drawing characters from chars.
      • Hash - Return a random hex hash. Default 40 characters, aka SHA-1.
      • Bool - Get a random boolean.
      • ArrayElement - Get a random array element.
      • ReplaceNumbers - Replaces symbols with numbers.
      • ReplaceSymbols - Replaces each character instance in a string.
      • Replace - Replaces symbols with numbers and letters. # = number, ? = letter, * = number or letter.
      • ClampString - Clamps the length of a string between min and max characters.
      • Word - Returns a single word or phrase in English.
      • Words - Gets some random words and phrases in English.
      • WordsArray - Get a range of words in an array (English).
      • Guid - Get a random GUID.
      • Uuid - Get a random GUID. Alias for Randomizer.Guid().
      • RandomLocale - Returns a random locale.
      • AlphaNumeric - Returns a random set of alpha numeric characters 0-9, a-z.
      • Hexadecimal - Generates a random hexadecimal string.
  • Supports field nesting.
  • Supports data conversion: to JSON, SQL, CSV, HTML, XML, Java, C#, TypeScript, JSONSchema, etc.
  • The built-in web server supports exposing RESTful API. Even if the back-end interface is not completed, the front-end can be quickly tested.

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