Historic Version

  • [Improved] Optimize loading speed of child nodes
  • [Improved] Optimize search node speed
  • [Improved-Windows] Optimize multi-screen DIP perception
  • [Improved] Added 4-character command description
  • [Improved] Upgrade dependencies
  • [Improved-macOS, Linux] Optimize performance
  • [Improved] Upgrade dependencies
  • [Fixed] Fixed the loss of connection with the server when loading a large number of child nodes
  • [Improved] Optimizes the loading speed of nodes
  • [New] Custom session timeout
  • [Improved-macOS] upgrade dependencies
  • [Improved] Optimize YAML format data highlighting
  • [Changed-macOS] Adjust the search box style
  • [Fixed] Fixed an error when executing a 4-character command when connecting through a host name
  • [Fixed-Windows] Fixed the icon on the right side of the command line input box not being displayed
  • [New] Supported specifying chroot suffix when connecting to
  • Support SSH tunnel
  • Fixed the error of the address display in cluster mode
  • Fix some issues
  • Fix ClickHouseKeeper connection error
  • Adjust UI
  • saves the user-adjusted window size and position
  • Optimized search speed
  • supports locking windows to the top
  • can delete or update the value of the searched node
  • Fix that node data sometimes fails to load
  • Multi-screen DPI perception
  • Adjust Dashboard
  • Fix some issues
  • Adjust UI details
  • Optimized loading speed
  • Supports displaying the size of node values when searching for nodes

Common Problems

  • Generally, Windows 10 will come with the .NET Framework environment. If you make mistakes while using the software, you can check the relationship between Windows and .NET Framework here. version and dependencies.
  • If your system does not have .NET Framework 4.7.2 Runtime and above, please download it here .NET Framework Download.
  • Why is the server information on the right side of the connection page blank?

    ZooKeeper Assistant obtains server information through 4 Letter command, you need to open this setting in the configuration file (zoo.cfg), for example: 4lw.commands.whitelist=*
    Or, if you only want to open some commands, separate the command names with commas: 4lw.commands.whitelist=stat,conf,envi